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The Nile Cafe

Vegan Soul-Food

Vegan Soul Food... 

Where good health and great taste come together 


About Us

Philly’s longest plant-based restaurant 

The Nile cafe is a plant-based restaurant, specializing in Caribbean- American soul food. Our menu is sourced through and made from local produce markets, plant-based retail businesses and our own NU Waters filtered water. To create plant-based meals that focuses on helping our local farmers markets and our plant-based community, to provide quality products to all our customers.


The practice of dispensing with all products that derive wholly or partially from animals (dairy, eggs, fish, gelatin, etc) 


A high-quality protein, deriving from the legume family. Soybean products come in two forms, fermented (miso, tempeh, soy sauce, etc) and unfermented (tofu, soy milk, soybean sprouts)

Wheat Meat

Also called Seitan, wheat meat is a high-protein (low in fat) meat substitute made from wheat gluten


Excludes any foods that contain gluten. Such as proteins found in wheat and other grains 


Explore Our Menu

All produce are sourced from our local farmers market, plant-based meat is made from 100% soy or wheat-gluten and all dishes are prepared with in house 6-stage purified water.



Mix & Match

Our delicious Plant-Based Platters is impossible to resist. Choose between the verity of vegetables, starch and proteins options. Customizing each platter to your own personal taste.

Salad & Sandwiches 

On the GO!

From the warm wraps, to the cool sandwiches and salads. All items are made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients 


Non-Dairy Desserts.

Flavors, Flavors, Flavors…

Don’t forget about our Plant-Based Ice cream, Layered cakes and Bakery sweets. With such a wide variety of flavors, these non-dairy and egg-free desserts are a must try at any visit. 

Juice Bar

Cold pressed drinks

Organic freshly pressed drinks, made from 100% fruit & vegetables. with our 4 great tasting flavors, these cold pressed drinks will help to increase your protein, fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals intake.  

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